I own a gallery of paintings and antique items. I want to be able to sell my items on my own site. What can you do for me?

In addition to building your website and establishing your presence on the Internet, We give you the following options

Option 1- Let each of your selling items have a description and a picture. Your online customers select their items on your website then call you on the phone to make a purchase.

Option 2- In addition to option -1 above, let each item have a price also. So your online customers can call you or fill out an order form online to make a purchase.

Option 3- In addition to option -1 and -2 above, We install and place a secure shopping cart on your website, so your online customers have a choice of using the shopping cart to make a purchase paying with their credit cards securely.

In Options 1 through Options 3, You will own the website we build for you and you pay us all the costs and charges.