Domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet. You typed our domain name,, in your browser's address field to find and come visit our website.

Why should I register my domain name?

If you want to establish a presence on the Internet or want to secure for future use, you should register your Domain name.

If I register my domain name, does it mean I have a website at

No. Not yet. Domain Name Registration is one of the main steps of having a website. The other steps are designing your web pages on your own computer and then when ready find a Hosting company and pay them to place your web pages on the Internet for you.

What is the price for registering a Domain name? charges only $20 per Domain name per year. All you pay is $20 a year. No other hidden charges or service fees. However, in addition to your Domain Name Registration fee of $20, you will only pay for Page design and Hosting if you choose to have a website now.

Who owns the Domain name?

You are the registrant and owner of your Domain Name.

Can I register my Domain Name even if I don't want to have a website now?

Yes. You can register your domain name at any time to secure it before any one else does. You can later when ready in the future sign-up for our Hosting and Page Design services or even design your web pages yourself and then sign-up for Hosting (our Hosting plans or any other Hosting company of your choice).

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