Why should I choose Bestweb2000.com?

We offer a comprehensive set of affordable services designed to help you establish your presence on the Internet. Whether you are an individual, a non-profit organization or a commercial firm, in the United States or anywhere in the world, we have the tools and the talent to help you market, advertise, and exhibit your business to the global audience. We are fast and knowledgeable. Your business is our business.

What is Involved in Having a Web Site?

Here are the steps:

1- Register your Domain Name (your-name.com)
2- Design and build your Web pages.
3- Rent an Internet server space to place the web pages created in previous step. By doing so, you   allow Internet visitors view your web pages. This step is called Hosting
4- Promote your Web Site by registering with the Search Engines and Internet directories.
5- Periodically, update your Web Site by changing the information about your products or services (Maintenance).

Shahvaran.com provides all the services to help you with the above steps. You may order each step or service separately or let us do every thing as a complete project for you.

How much does it cost?

1- Registering your Domain Name will cost you $20 per year.

2- Cost for Design and creation of your web pages varies depending on time spent and whether you have static or dynamic website with e-commerce and/or Audio/Video streaming. The average is $1200 for static web sites and $2500 for dynamic websites.

3- Hosting price for websites that have only static pages with no shopping cart or Audio/Video streaming is $29.95/month (with unlimited traffic). For websites with Audio/Video streaming and/or shopping cart (e-commerce sites) starts at $50/month. We may limit the amount of traffic and bandwidth usage case by case depending on the site.

If we do all the above steps for you as a project then you will get a considerable discount or even free unlimited hosting. (Please contact us for more details)

4- Free of any service charge, we register your web site address with those Search Engines and Internet directories who do not charge for inclusion into their database.

5- The cost of Maintenance and updates varies from $50 per Hour and up.

I want Bestweb2000.com to build my Web Site. What is the procedure?

1- Please sign-up or e-mail us and let us know about your products and services.
2- Prepare the text, information, and other materials such as images, logo, etc., for all your web pages. If for example your business is about selling products or offering any kind of services, then prepare the description of each product or service.
3- We will ask you to send us your material preferably by e-mail. If it is not possible for you to type the text or prepare the image file of any pictures then send us the hard copies by mail. We will prepare the text or scan your pictures for you.
4- After receiving and reviewing your material, we inform you by e-mail as soon as possible and provide an estimate of the cost and the time it takes to build your web site.
5- During the time that your Web Site is being built, please do not hesitate to inform us when there are new items or material that you wish to add to your site. Shahvaran.com will do its best to build a Web Site that is to your satisfaction and hopefully to the growth and success of your business. You will be informed and updated about any progress.

I would like to have a web site for my restaurant, What should I send you?

Menus, awards and reviews from news papers and magazines, pictures (of inside and out side of your dining room, of people, of yourself and your staff), history and information about your restaurant, yourself and your staff (especially your chef's great coking and knowledge). The more about you and your restaurant the better. Just sign-up and leave the rest to us. You will be glad you did.

I own a gallery of paintings and antique items. I want to be able to sell my items on my own site. What can you do for me?

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How should I organize my products and services to be placed on my pages?

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Do you accept international orders?

Yes. We are pleased to have customers from around the world and we are as close to you as your computer.

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